The Child Connection Inc. is an independent non-profit organization that actively searches for missing and exploited children throughout all of U.S.A. and Canada. TCC was founded in 1992 to aid and assist local law enforcement and other federal agencies in the recovery of missing children. TCC also acts as a liaison between law enforcement and parents.

The mission of TCC:

  • The prevention of child abductions through educational awareness.
  • The safety of run-away and thrown-away children through professionals and community participants.
  • The highest level of self worth, safety and well being of the child shall be paramount.

TCC offers:

  • K-9 Search and Recovery (S.A.R.)
    • Assist local and federal law enforcement in bringing closure to cases and families
    • see K-9 Search and Recovery for additional details
  • Stranger Safety Program – education for 4-18 year-old children and separate program for adults
    • Lure tactics of strangers
    • Defense maneuvers for 8 year-olds and older
    • Posters of missing children
    • Safety tips for children – get/use a family code word, use buddy system, etc.
    • K-9 demonstration when possible
  • The Child Connection Newsletter

Please visit our Sponsors Page. The Child Connection receives no government grants or funds and does not charge for services. We rely entirely upon gifts from individuals like you and corporate donations. If you would like to help, please feel free to contact us. Contact information is listed at the left.

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Contact Information:

The Child Connection
2210 Meadow Drive
Suite 28
Louisville, Ky 40218

24 Hour Phone:
(502) 459-6888

Fax: (502) 459-8899

E-Mail: childk-9@iglou.com