Cadaver Forensics/Crime Scene

Certification of Teams:

germgenCadaver/Search and Recovery (S.A.R.)
Advanced Cadaver/ Crime Scene Search
Type of Searches Conducted:

  • Wilderness
  • Urban, Building, Collapsed Structure
  • Human Remains, Dismemberment, Long term Buried
  • Water and Swamp
  • Article
  • Weapons

If you have any questions regarding our dogs, please email, call or write.
Keith Herron, Sr. / Search Coordinator
2210 Meadow Drive Ste. 28
Louisville, KY. 40218
(502) 459-6888


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Contact Information:

The Child Connection
2210 Meadow Drive
Suite 28
Louisville, Ky 40218

24 Hour Phone:
(502) 459-6888

Fax: (502) 459-8899